OLIVER PEOPLES launch 25 anniversary limited edition glasses

louis vuitton shop onlineTo celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand, Oliver Peoples grand launch of two limited edition glasses: optical glasses the XXV-RX sunglasses XXV-S, a unique selection of colors and patterns with, and will be at its global stores starting in the fall of 2012. As the celebration of the 25th anniversary approaching, Larry Leight, Oliver Peoples, founder and creative director, recalled the historical records of the interpretation of the spirit of the brand heritage with its own iconic design Evolution. He spent a long time its personal collection of glasses styles, brand product catalog and design draft to sort out, and inadvertently he found a long time forgotten the precious notes - a design draft was completed in 1989, available from the Oliver Peoples was the first product line separated by just two years. He examines this valuable discovery, and immediately realized that this draft is the best interpretation of the Oliver Peoples 25 years of brand history."I still remember at what time drew this sketch," Larry Leight said. "I've always loved these designs, but at the time it is not suitable for our launch products meet the aesthetic - a new, unique and full of wisdom glasses, then the people heart and soul of their intoxicated. Sketches in glasses and we were making style is more modern. To celebrate the Oliver Peoples 25 anniversary, I look forward to to backtrack our historical heritage. recently engraved many once-classic style, but this time, I you want to be different and I hope it brings to consumers a brand new sensory experience, also loyal to the traditional concept of the brand.

outlet louis vuittonthe draft design brought to light just realized my wish, they demonstrated the most well-known of the two major Oliver Peoples iconic style: Tycoon and the Sheldrake striking series of broad-brush plate frame, and the brand based on the exquisite vintage look I am excited to see these sketches has finally become a real product. "The XXV-RX the XXV-S limited edition commemorative glasses made of sturdy plate frame fusion refined brushed metal details of the deal. Hinge at a special roll-shaped engraved design, the mirror foot decorated with the logos used in Oliver Peoples glasses for the first time. Improved paddle-like feet of mirrors for this beautifully designed glasses add a touch of retro feeling. Both glasses are provided modern neutral models and models of classic tortoiseshell, also presents the traditional 25th anniversary of the shades of gray color - silver to choose from. The glasses can be used with VFX polarized, VFX photosensitive inorganic glass lenses. Inspired by the the early mirror box design special custom lens case for this series of paintings on the perfect ending.Oliver Peoples 25 anniversary limited edition glasses will be grand listed in the fall of 2012.Swiss luxury leather goods brand Bally was held in spring and summer 2013 series of exclusive exhibition will be held on November 16, 2012 to 20 at the Beijing Shin.

louis vuitton outlet onlineThe Bally especially arranged this exclusive exhibition to highlight the important role of the Chinese market and made a significant contribution to the international success of the Swiss brand. Following the Milan Fashion Week in September this year, which is on display for the first time throughout the spring and summer series in the world.During the exhibition, Shin Kong elegant atrium space will build a special booth to showcase the 2013 spring and summer Featured Ms. series, visitors can experience the beloved and creativity of Bally leather.The Atrium stand for the concept of patchwork wooden box design, bright LED spotlight, in the central region of the display on the new Ms. wander guests feel like being in the mysterious world of countless mirror to create a radiant. Booth design using the same strain with the Milan show 2013 spring and summer women preview color direct reference to the 1960s British painter Ben Nicholson (Ben Nicholson) works created in Switzerland.Bally has been focused on the footwear manufacturing and design concept extends to a range of boutique accessories, elegant shape and clever leather tailoring process reflects the long history of the brand and the collection of the essence.The season for her inspiration from a 1961 square-toed shoes, beautiful 1930s vamps design and exquisite craft cut leather bow through the entire Women are a large number of used floral pattern. Men series is full interpretation of the useful features of modern, demonstrated exceptional Swiss brand leather craft and detail quality.To celebrate the success of the exhibition held a special cocktail party will be held in the Bally Shin Kong boutique store on the evening of November 20, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy some beautiful spring and summer masterpiece last before the closing of the exhibition.

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